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Our Story

"An independent Australian-based business, on a mission to provide unique ranges of jewellery."

Our Story

My crystal collection was growing larger. Each full moon I laid out my plethora of beautiful crystals to re-charge. But I wanted more. I wanted to be able to take my crystals with me anywhere I went, to proudly display them and wear them close to my heart. The idea for The Aeternus necklace was born. 
I worked alongside a product development team to find a perfect balance of strength, aesthetics and durability. It needed to be dainty and elegant, but also flexible and tough enough to properly support the larger crystals in my collection. 
Over two years, seven iterations and many months of intense testing later, I was finally happy that the design was perfect. Now I want to share the product with the world to help other gals (and guys!) discover the power and beauty of crystals. I hope you love the necklace as much as I do.
Camilla x
– Founder Eos & Orion
Camilla - Founder



Neutral isn’t enough.

We’ve committed to having a net carbon-negative impact on the planet. Being based on the Sunny Coast, we’ve seen the importance first hand. 


Aspire to inspire.

Life is a journey. It’s important to have fun along the way, push boundaries and take risks.


People above all.

No business or product should be placed above people. We make sure our employees and community come first, and are treated with love, respect and acceptance.

Our Commitments