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Aeternus Range / Aeternus Necklace

/ Gold Aeternus

/ Aeternus Range

Aeternus Necklace


Aeternus Necklace

Style: Gold


Meet your new favourite necklace. 

The amazing versatility of the Aeternus provides the ability to wear any healing crystal gemstone in your collection.

One Unique Design

The Aeternus combines a delicate flexible netting with a sliding dropper to show your crystals off while making sure they are safe and snugly secured.

Match your style

Select a different gemstone each day to match your outfit or day’s plans.

Harness the power of crystals and select the stone that will provide the vibrations needed to thrive in life.

stunning finish

Extra thick double-plating techniques are used to provide a stunningly beautiful finish that will last.

Super Speedy Delivery

We are 100% Australian and ship all products from Brisbane to make sure you get your order super fast.

Pick Your Crystal

We don't currently sell individual crystals, but each Aeternus necklace comes with a crystal completely free!

You will have the option to select your crystal colour at checkout, or leave it as a surprise and we will pick a beautiful combination for you. 

Crystal Size Guide

Due to its unique design, the aeternus can hold crystals and healing stones in a huge range of shapes and sizes. to know if your favourite crystals will fit inside the aeternus, we’ve created a handy size guide which you can use.

Returns Policy

Every purchase is covered by the eos and orion extended returns policy – ’45 days, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee’. and we’re so confident you’ll love our products, we’ll even throw in a free $5 gift voucher as our way to show there are no hard feelings <3

Delivery Info

Please give us an evening to beautifully pack your necklace and crystal and pop it in the post. Within Australia it should take 3 - 5 working days.

Size_Guide1 SizeGuide

Select the crystal from your selection.

Raise The Dropper To Release The Crystal.

Take The Crystal From The Necklace.

Place The New Crystal Into the metalic Mesh

Lower The Dropper

To Secure in place


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